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How to Write a Screenplay Workbook


At a Glance

  • Fill-in-the blank sheets for creating a screenplay

  • Guides you through the screenwriting process, from characters to story structure

  • Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed examples


The most successful scripts start with character sketches and a solid outline. Many screenwriters don’t begin with these crucial first steps because the prep seems both time-consuming and intimidating.

Lucky for you, we’ve streamlined the process down to its most essential stages, and gathered them all together for you in our How to Write a Screenplay Workbook. This must-have tool includes worksheets with step-by-step details on the items that make up a solid script, including:

  • The Protagonist and his/her wants, needs and goals
  • The Antagonist and how he/she interacts with and prevents your Protagonist from reaching those goals
  • Your Logline and how to write one, based on your Protagonist’s unique journey
  • Story Structure from opening image to final resolution, broken down by Screenplay Acts

Plus, professional tips and tricks are included for each step, along with examples from Pixar’s The Incredibles.

So don’t skip the all-important outline before you sit down to write your next screenplay. Download our handy How to Write a Screenplay Workbook now, and start sketching out your ideas today!


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